Topics of the Congress

The 15 th international Congress on Ethnopharmacology will focus on recent advances in all aspects related to Ethnopharmacology. The program will include plenary sessions with invited speakers and sessions with submitted papers related to the following subjects:

- Arabian ethnopharmacology.

- Arab-European intercultural ethnopharmacology.

- Pharmacological and clinical studies of medicinal plants & natural products.

- Ethnobotanical approach to drug discovery: strengths and limitations.

- Naturaceuticals and dietary supplements - traditional to modern.

- Biodiversity and ecological aspects of ethnobotanical sources.

- Theory and methodology in the study of ethnopharmacology.

- Traditional and modern herbal medicinal products in cosmetology.

- Traditional and modern herbal medicinal products in treatment of cancer.

- The ethnoveterinary use of plants in animal health and productivity.

- Analytical assays and quality assurance of ethnopharmacological sources.